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Now, how to get to that moment of crossing the finish line - strong and swift on your feet, ready to strike your finish line pose!


  • It’s already a struggle training with my busy schedule for even shorter races - will I have enough time to train? How many times a week do I need to train for swim, bike and run?
  • Coach, how can I be prepared for swimming in the ocean and swimming with so many people in the water?
  • Do I always need to train with the coach? Is it possible to train on my own when it’s more convenient and still be able to train with a group when I can.
  • I’ve heard of people who get injured with how much training they are doing. How can I train and try to prevent injury in the process?
  • I’ve tried training for races with other people and we’ve done the same thing, but I think for these races, I need more personalized coaching to address things specific to me - my own fitness level, goals, schedules, etc.

It's as simple as ABC...

Workshop Schedule

8:00am to 12:00nn - Bike Anatomy, Bike Essentials, Bike Skills & Practical Application
1:30pm to 5:00pm - Bike Maintenance, Race Preparation, The Importance of Bike Fit

Important Reminders!

Participants to bring their own:

1. Bike (Tribike or Roadbike)
2. Bike Floor Pump (if they have one)
3. 2-3 Spare inner tubes (if you use clincher tyres)
4. 1-2 C02 Canisters
5. Your own bike flat kit (what you bring on ride outs)


1. Comfortable casual/sports wear for lecture sessions.
2. Bring your usual bike attire, helmet, other gear and shoes for practicals.

*For those who may not have some gear, Tri-Temple will have limited stock on-hand for purchase.

P2,800 only!

Workshop Fee

Workshop Fee is inclusive of morning and afternoon light snacks and lunch.

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About Raoul Floresca

Coach Raoul Floresca is a multiple marathon finisher (Tokyo Marathon, Condura Skyway Marathon, Subic International Marathon), multiple Ironman finisher (Melbourne and Barcelona) and has competed in several world and regional championships as an age group qualifier (2x XTerra Worlds Maui, Ironman 70.3 World Championship Las Vegas, Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne, Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship Cebu). He co-owns The Tri Temple where he conducts Body Geometry Fits and power-based cycling workouts at the Tri Temple Powerlab.

Here's What You'll Learn When You Join Triathlon Bike 101...

  • Bike Anatomy (Know Your Bike Parts)

    Understand basic bike speak and know your bike’s anatomy. It will make for clearer communication between you and your bike mechanic.

  • Troubleshooting (Fixing a flat, How to deal with a dropped or broken chain, etc.)

    Don’t let easy-to-deal-with mechanicals get in the way of your training and racing. Be prepared! Learn and practice the basics early in the season.

  • Basic Bike Skills (Mounting & Dismounting, Handling, Gearing, Hand Signals)

    From when you roll-out to when you end your ride, be comfortable on the bike knowing how best to handle it no matter the terrain.

  • Race Skills (Packing for a Race, Transition Preparation, Race Tips)

    Fate favors the prepared. Know how to prepare your bike, pack your gear and set-up at transition to make the most of the bike leg in the race.

P2,800 only!

Workshop Fee

Workshop Fee is inclusive of morning and afternoon light snacks and lunch.

REGISTER NOW!YES! I want to speed up my learning!


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