So, you’ve signed up for a race... Congratulations on taking that first decisive step towards a fitter you!

Now, how do you get to that moment of crossing the finish line - strong and swift on your feet, ready to strike your finish line pose?

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  • TIME-CRUNCHED: It’s already a struggle training with my busy schedule for even shorter races. Will I have enough time to train? How many times a week do I need to swim, bike, and run?
  • OH, OPEN WATER: How can I be prepared for swimming in the open ocean, and swimming with so many people at the same time?
  • RAIN, TRAFFIC, GO AWAY: Do I always need to train with a coach? With traffic everyday, and rain at least half the year, is it possible to train on my own when it’s convenient and train with others when I can?
  • PERSONALIZATION?: I’ve tried training for races with other people and we’ve done the same thing but I was never able to keep up with it, because of our different schedules or level of fitness. Is it possible to get more personalized coaching?

Our answers to your questions,
begin with ITA's ABCs...

Athlete-Centered Coaching


While there are many methods of coaching and progressing athletes, how we coach you towards your race goals starts with how well we know you to begin with. Extensive as it may be, we at ITA feel that a comprehensive Getting-to-Know-You Approach is critical to crafting a training program suited to you.


Ask all ITA athletes, and they will all agree that completing the Athlete Questionnaire is an experience in itself! This allows us a peek into your motivations for doing sports and your current level of fitness even before we meet you.


Because there is always more to a person than what is written, a face-to-face interview (or Skype session if you are not Manila-based) with ITA coaches helps complete the picture of who you are, your life circumstances, and how we can best work with what makes you unique.

Fabian Mangahas

“I enjoy the ITA program because it’s built on the philosophy that triathlon should be a long-term and sustainable activity — there is much consultation for programs to be as tailored as one would like it to be depending on one’s level of commitment and lifestyle.”

Fabian Mangahas Business Development Manager

Balanced & Optimized Training


A brilliant program is pointless unless both Coach and Athlete find a way to get the athlete’s training done and dusted consistently — balancing training and life as we know it. Together, we work with the hand life has dealt you, and make the most of it so you can get to the finish line strong, happy and accomplished!


Given your goals and the training needed to get you to the finish line, we work with you to schedule your training and how it will work best given the life you live — at work, at home, at play, and with loved ones.


Not everyone can ride out safely from their doorstep, or run out when the weather refuses to cooperate. Let us know your situation so we can come up with a good balance of outdoor and indoor trainer or treadmill sessions that still keep you engaged.


We design your training such that we address your weaker disciplines without sacrificing your strengths.

ITA customizes your training program based on your goals and considering your constraints as well.

Bubbles Paraiso

“ITA has helped me become a stronger triathlete in all aspects. I’m so happy with my program that I just renewed for another year! If you put in the work, results really do follow. And they have a way of making everything more FUN! I’m so so happy being part of this fam. ♥️ “

Bubbles Paraiso Unicorn

Collaboration & Trust


Our ability to help you achieve your goals hinges on collaboration, communication, and trust between coach and athlete. Working on how we regularly communicate results, observations and feedback both ways ultimately improves training adherence, reduces the risk of injury, and consequently increases the chances of meeting your goals.


There is no such thing as a wrong or right question to ask. We’re here to address what’s on your mind, no matter how simple you may think it to be.


Because we believe in working with the end in mind, you work with the coaches to determine your goals for an upcoming race or season. Your goals and race reports are reviewed for insights so we can progress you better through training and into your race.


Intermittently or at the end of a subscription, we send out Athlete Feedback forms to seek out candid and honest feedback, so we know how we can work better with you and other athletes.

Pierce Tan

“Trust in ITA and put in the work, ITA will surely get you there.

In ITA, the coaches don’t experiment with your workouts, they give you personalized workouts. From having minimal background in swimming, none in biking, and average in running, I was able to finish a half ironman because of ITA’s program.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you I only had 4 months to train? I could even barely balance myself when riding the bike back then and every time we rode out seemed a risk but because of the coaches’ dedication to what they do, I was able to finish the race decently.

Now, it’s time to join ITA and start turning those purples to greens in TrainingPeaks!”

Pierce Tan Student

Data - Observable & Numerical


Whether observed or numerical, we put value in what we learn from your performance every training session. While we make the most of online and mobile tools to better craft your program, we put just as much emphasis on how we observe your performance during sessions with the coaches.


We incorporate globally accepted training platforms, tools, web and mobile applications in training our athletes. The use of these tools allows athlete’s the flexibility to train on their own at their convenience.

  • Training Peaks: A web and mobile application used to send your workouts, gauge your performance, and communicate with you.
  • Garmin Devices: We do recommend the use of sports devices so you can make the most of it in training and racing, and we can make the most of the data they gather.
  • Other Training Tools & Apps: While not required, we do encourage subscription to training tools that may help you make the most of your training. ITA has generated over 400+ of our own workouts on Trainer Road - a tool we highly recommend, to make indoor bike training both challenging and bearable.

Joining our group sessions allow the supervising coaches to observe you first hand and provide feedback on your performance. They also allow you to meet other athletes and reap the benefits that come from training with others.

  • Swim: All individually coached ITA athletes have access to supervised swim sessions.
  • Bike: Bike with an ITA coach and join other ITA athletes for at least 2x month planned ride outs.
  • Run: Run with an ITA coach and join other ITA athletes for weekly track run sessions.

Track Thursday with ITA

Ride ITA

ITA athletes at Cycling Dynamics, The City Club, Alphaland, Makati.

Rico Escaler

“ITA takes coaching to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that they science the shit out of your training, they take the time to get to know you as an athlete and as an individual. There is no one size fits all kind of program and they make sure to take the time to get to know you to ensure they can give you the best program to up your game.

They are equal parts tough coaches and kalokohan buddies!

Cheers to ITA!”

Rico Escaler Corporate Strategy Associate, Ayala Corporation



Apart from Coaching, ITA holds weekend Camps and Clinics at strategic times of the year to focus athlete attention on race-specific skills.


Learn, train, simulate! Be informed and be aware of what happens on race day. Tips, tricks, and strategies to nail your best triathlon!

TriCamp Bike Sessions

TriCamp Track Sessions


Swimming in the sea is worlds apart from swimming in a pool. Get familiar with the unfamiliar and be more confident in your skills wherever you're swimming!

Pool Sessions

Open Water Sessions

Lean Villanueva

“I’ve always been a big guy. Always at the last of the group whenever I had to run in school. Forcing myself to bike to be fit even if I didn’t enjoy it. Only knew how to float with no proper stroke. ITA changed all of these. From running last I can now hold my own, from getting off the bike because of stress I can now confidently climb hills, and throw me in the open water I’ll just have a great time instead of panicking. ITA gave me the skills, and more importantly the confidence that I didn’t even know I had. My life changed for the better and I am becoming healthier as each day passes. From an obese ‘feeling’ athlete to an overweight triathlete and hopefully a legit contender in the future. I know that ITA will guide me all the way.”

Lean Villanueva Entrepreneur

L to R: Al Gonzales, Noy Basa, Paolo Leaño

Inside Track Athletics (ITA) is an integrated coaching system not borne by the experience of one, but strengthened by the expertise of many. The complementary coaching styles and backgrounds of Head Coaches Noy Basa, Al Gonzales and Paolo Leaño, allow them to develop seasonal and race-specific programs for multisport and runner age-grouper athletes of all levels.

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